Autumn is here, and the whole planet is still in the grip of the Covid-19 health and now also socio-economic crisis. Between the numbers of contagions; wearing the mask at all times and respecting all preventive measures; the day to day, with its responsibilities and obligations, with its lack of time, its fleeting but comforting encounters with friends and family through an increasingly cold environment, makes its way. And not only because of the temperature, social distancing measures are taking their toll on us in a time of crisis when we most need to feel the warmth of our loved ones. According to one of the latest studies by Mental Heath Research in Canada, the pandemic has brought increased levels of anxiety and depression.

Beyond COVID-19, for many people the arrival of this time of the year is a real inconvenience, some of them even let themselves be carried away by feelings of apathy, melancholy and sadness. The lack of light and the cold conditions them to the point of generating small psychological problems.

It is true that the cold season brings other types of daily habits and socializing spaces that are very different from those of the summer or spring. We go out less, we have less energy, and we feel like being under the comforter almost all day long. And if you add the new habits of the COVID-19 era: mascara, gel and distancing, winter can become really uncomfortable and cold.

Resisting the cold season in times of pandemic is easier if you have the right wearable with you. The essential accessory is always and always will be a good jacket, but not just any jacket, but one with the latest wearable technology that not only protects you from the cold but also helps you to face it in your daily life. Of these there are three, all the better. Never before has a jacket been able to do so much for you. Hug without physical contact, optimize your time and stay warm all day long.


A product from H&M Lab and the start-up Boltware, where fashion, love and technology meet. This is the denim jacket that allows you to experience the touch of the one you love the most and feel them a little closer. “Whether long-distance relationship or social distancing – no matter why you can’t have your loved ones around you: wearable love helps you to overcome boundaries and brings together what belongs together,” H&M Lab said on its website.

The device consists of sensors and tactile elements located in the shoulder area. Through an application connected to the jacket via Bluetooth, the platform creates a personal hug pattern; to use it, users must make use of a code from a registration. H&M Lab Germany explains on its website: “With wearable love you send and receive touch as easily as you send messages. Not from just anyone, of course, but from people with whom you are in a deeper kind of connection than your smartphone could ever provide. Every touch remains between the two of you and is not visible from the outside. Apart from your smile.” The wearable charges wirelessly and lasts for 2 weeks.


The Asian giant has its own fashion line, but one of its star products is undoubtedly the second generation of its smart jacket. This garment, like its first version, is also born from Xiaomi’s crowdfunding platform; however, in this case it has been developed by the company Cottonsmith.

This jacket has a heating system based on graphene and carbon nanotubes, which allow the fabric to heat up in a few seconds. The temperature is adjustable in four levels. The heating zones are divided into two; one in the central part of the back and the other in the lower front area; these can be activated together or individually. After three hours of uninterrupted operation, the jacket will automatically switch off. The textile wearable features a honeycomb design and is filled with goose feather. It is charged via an external USB battery that is placed in a specially designed charging pocket.


Jacquard is the name given to the textile project arising from the collaboration of Levi’s and Google. This smart jacket was launched in 2017, they are currently in the development phase of two new models more ergonomic and affordable. The main attraction of this wearable is its ease of interacting with our smartphone only through gestures; the garment is made from an electronic fabric that is in constant dialogue with our phone. Through the application we can configure which action corresponds to each touch interaction. Once the gestures have been defined, managing our mobile device will be as easy as indicating it on the control point – a Bluetooth connection module – located on the sleeve of the jacket.