Oversee your metabolism from home

Lumen, the new smart device that allows you to improve your lifestyle with just one breath

Wearables have become an essential part of our day to day. The range of possibilities is immense, from smart clothes and accessories that make life easier, beds and earplugs that help us improve the quality of our sleep, not to mention an endless number of gadgets that help us improve our sports practice or enjoy our free time much more. Even in the area that concerns us most – health – technology advances rapidly, transforming the sector to reach greater efficiency and better services for patients.

According to Efe John Nosta, an expert in the incorporation of new technologies in medicine and artificial intelligence:

“Technology has changed the practice of medicine, providing a fundamental tool for decision-making and enabling the development of drugs that improve the treatment of diseases such as diabetes or cancer.”

Indeed, we increasingly find that in health centers, wearables have become an ally to improve the quality of medical practice.

According to experts, “many of the diseases that are a problem today will disappear.” Even the most feared virus today, COVID-19, has not been able to slip past unnoticed in the presence of these smart objects.

Lumin, get familiar with your metabolism from home with just one breath

Having these devices at your fingertips is now very simple. Like Lumen, a pioneering wearable for better understanding your metabolism without having to leave the house or go to the doctor. Lumen tells you if your body is consuming fat or carbohydrates, and what to do about it, thus improving your quality of life.

What is it for?

Lumen is very useful – among its functions are an improvement in quality of life, better knowledge of what you are consuming, and helping you to lose weight by optimizing your exercise and teaching you to eat healthier – all with just one breath. Now getting a daily reading of your metabolism is possible, in addition to personalized meal recommendations and training optimization in its free application, which connects with the device and allows you to record your results.

How do you use it?

Simple – with just one single breath, using a CO2 sensor and a flow meter, thus determining the amount of carbon dioxide in your metabolism and showing us our body’s fuel for energy production. The exercise is simple, inhale a fixed volume of air from the device, hold it for 10 seconds and then do a full exhalation.