The first silent and hands-free breast pump in the world

It adapts to your bra and your life. No tubes. No wires. No noise

Breast milk is healthy both for the mother and baby, it is a natural product consumed by all mammals, in addition to being one of the first links between mother-child. This is the ideal nutrition for newborns, since its composition varies each time they breastfeed by adapting to the nutritional needs of the baby.

Advantages of breastfeeding

According to the president of the RCPCH, Neena Modi:

“The health benefits of breastfeeding are beyond doubt, from the reduction of the probability of intestinal, respiratory and ear infections to hospitalization.”

Breast milk isn’t just beneficial for the baby, it also offers advantages for the mother’s health. For example, it reduces the risk of suffering from osteoporosis, breast and ovarian cancer or other diseases. Additionally, it helps with natural weight loss, it favors rest and the suction stimulates the production of hormones that contract the uterus and help to remove the lochia (remains of blood and placenta left after giving birth).

Breastfeeding is the recommended option for any mother, although there are many reasons that mums decide not to do so, and it is often complicated. Beyond the physical problems, in most cases, choosing not to breastfeed is often due to work, a lack of time or due to not being able to find a private space.

The breast pump, an ally in breastfeeding

The latest studies about breastfeeding in Europe show that 80% of pregnant women want to breastfeed, but only 65% end up actually doing it. Manuel Baca, head of Pediatrics and Neonatology at the  Quirónsalud Malaga Hospital explains that:

“The main cause of failure in breastfeeding is the lack of support and information in the first moments after birth, which are fundamental to properly establish breastfeeding.”

Although, according to the World Health Organization, breastfeeding is fundamental in the first six months of life and should continue as a supplement up to the age of two.

Women normally stop breastfeeding after the first 3 months, mainly due to social and family reasons. Specifically, the latest data from the Elvie Barometer about breastfeeding shows that only 36% of Spanish mothers breastfeed for more than six months. The “Spanish Barometer from Elvie” also shows that 19% of Spanish mothers stop breastfeeding at 3 months, but for social and work reasons, most (58%) Spanish mothers stop breastfeeding at 6 months. Despite these alarming figures, many women look to continue with their breastfeeding cycles and use devices for that purpose that help this important stage in their babies’ lives; the most common device is the breast pump.

What is a breast pump?

The breast pump of milk extractor works by imitating the suction movements of the baby when he/she is breastfeeding. There are a wide range of breast pumps such as the manual pump, where the mum extracts the liquid by pressing on the device, while the electronic pump is battery or mains operated and works automatically.

Main benefits of using a breast pump

Breast pumps can be very useful and are necessary for women who have trouble breastfeeding and extracting milk. Moreover, breast pumps help to maintain and increase production and provide enough quantity in each feed to satisfy the baby’s needs. It isn’t just beneficial for the baby, mums also feel rewarded, since the breast pump enables them to continue with their normal lives, such as returning to work, or for women who want to share the experience of feeding their babies with their partners.

Silicone breast pump by Elvie worn inside a bra
The Elvie Curve pump (top left) is designed to be worn inside a bra (above)

Elive Pump (possibly) the best breast pump in the world

The Elvie Pump is a mum’s best friend, since it is wearable, enables you to extract milk comfortably, at any time and place. No electricity, no tubes and not in the slightest bit bulky. It is the perfect size to carry with you everywhere. Without a doubt, one of its strengths is its silence, helping to create a calm and peaceful environment for you and your baby. This enables you to transform this time into a space of rest while you enjoy time with your baby. Another advantage is its ergonomic design and its automatic operation. Using it is as simple as placing it inside your usual bra and switching it on, while it is working, you can continue doing your things, it is a hands-free in the true sense of the word.

Smart device

For a total control of the Elvie Pump breast pump, connect the wearable to your smartphone via its free app. Adapt the extraction to the different modes, set the timer and adjust the intensity level from your telephone. The app gives you total freedom of working with settings for mode and intensity, in addition to the extraction timer! And, as if that wasn’t enough, the app enables you to monitor the amount of milk in real time, as well as the monitored tracking log of each breast.

Female hands pressing down on a Elvie Curve silicone breast pump
Pressing on the silicone cup creates natural suction through forming a vacuum.

Easy to use

Extracting milk using this portable device is really simple, from its configuration to its subsequent cleaning.

Place the breast pump inside the nursing bra and press the start button when you are ready; you will be able to do so from the app or from the breast pump itself. The wearable will detect when to stop if the container is full, but you can also stop it yourself from your own smartphone.

It is even simpler to clean, detach the 5 parts in less than 30 seconds and wash them with soap and water. No wires, no changing clothes, no messing about.

Is it or is it not the best breast pump in the world?