From October, video game players will be able to enjoy the neck speaker that will give them an immersive experience

Wearables have been present in our everyday lives for many years (and even centuries). In fact, they are so popular that “half of Spanish people use ‘wearables’ without knowing it.” Among the most popular portable devices are smartwatches and bracelets; but the family of portable devices continues to grow.

Portable technology is present in all fields, from E-Health, fashion or sport; while it is also reaching everyone, from older people, pregnant women, or people with health issues like celiacs, who also benefit from wearables for “an improvement in their health and lifestyle.”

However, technology also plays a central role in the world of entertainment and e-sports; such as the smartwatches that become allies and enable gamers to control their heart rate and levels of stress during a game.

The latest trend comes from Panasonic, a Japanese technology and electronics company. Their latest design is the GN01 wearable loudspeaker, aimed at gamers, despite the fact it can also be used in “Music Mode” and “Cinema Mode”. This device includes three other modes, especially designed for gamers.

The first is RPG, which enables the user to immerse themselves in a high level of reality; in addition to being fully surround, ensuring the gamer feels like they are inside the story. The best option for role playing video games, such as Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition or Darkest Dungeon.

The next mode is aimed at shooting games, such as Fortnite, Call of Duty: WWII, Battlefield 1; particularly in the first person, although in third person too. It is called FPS and enables you to hear accurate sounds, as well as having the feeling of hearing footsteps, generating a competitive advantage over rivals. 

Finally, the last option is called Voice and, as its name indicates, it is ideal for listening to voices, dialogues or conversations. As above, it enables a completely immersive experience. 

The device also includes a “high performance dual microphone with noise and echo cancellation”, with which users can hold conversations of a high quality and with total clarity, aside from the speaker’s surround sound.

More than just headphones, it is a speaker which is positioned on gamers’ shoulders. Its design is ergonomic and surround, guaranteeing a fully immersive, yet comfortable, experience for the user.

The neck speaker was announced as part of GamesCom 2021, a large international video game event, and has been designed in partnership with Square Enix and optimized for Final Fantasy XIV, although it is compatible with any game and device.

The wearable will be for sale from October 2021.