CES 2019: This was the last edition of the biggest fair of electronics of the world


The past days 8, 9, 10 and 11 January took place a new edition of the CES (Consumer Electronics Show), the international fair of technology that celebrates annually in Las Vegas (USA).

This fair showed the last innovations of the technological sector, like the expected arrival of the 5G and the televisions with 8K resolution.

As we saw in the last post, the owners of companies about technologies of consumption gather in this worldwide known event to present and put in common the last tendencies and innovations in electronics and technology, in addition to debating on subjects related and of importance in the sector.

One of the last innovations, although the CES is not a fair of telephony, went the arrival of the 5G (the wireless standard of the next generation that promises speeds almost “without latency”) that had part of the leadership in the majority of the presentations like the digital health (the possibility to make surgical operations to distance or in reality virtual). Samsung was the first in announcing that the first smartphone with 5G will exit to the market this same 2019.

The arrival of the televisions with 8K resolution

Like we see at the start of this post, no only the arrival of the 5G was the protagonist of the last edition of the CES, but the television was also one of the indisputable leading. The content issued in streaming by the famous platforms like Netflix and HBO will be growing (especially in U.S., foresees a growth of more than 25% with regard to 2018).

Samsung also stood out in this section. If in the edition of 2018 presented like novelty the roll-up television, in this stood out for showing the new technology of intelligent screens baptised like MicroLED.

The illumination of the screen, the resolution and the access to the contents are the keys of the new televisions, that will allow a revolution in the creation of audiovisual contents, that already are going to this resolution.

Respecto a la tecnología 8K (que tiene 16 veces más resolución que el Full HD) estuvo ya presente en la mayor parte de los televisores que se presentaron en CES. De hecho, la Televisión japonesa NHK anunció que la retransmisión de los Juegos Olímpicos de 2020 será en 8K. Eso sí, la gran duda que quedó durante el resto de feria es… ¿Cuánto tardará esta tecnología en llegar a los particulares, cuando muchos de ellos acaban de actualizarse ahora al 4K?

With regard to the technology 8K (that has 16 times more resolution that the Full HD) was already present in the main part of the televisions that presented in CES. In fact, the Japanese Television NHK announced that the transmission of the Olympic games of 2020 will be in 8K. This yes, the big doubt that remained during the rest of fair is… How much will take this technology in arriving to the individuals, when many of them finish to update now to the 4K?

Robots and the future of the transport

No es la primera vez (y probablemente tampoco la última) que se presentan robots en CES. Por esta feria han pasado todo tipo de robots para cuidar el hogar, la salud, el reparto o incluso la compañía. Un ejemplo de esto último es el perro robot Aibo de Sony (que además renovó en esta edición) o Lovot, de la compañía japonesa Groove X.
It is not the first time (and probably neither the last) that present robots in CES. By this fair have spent all type of robots to take care the home, the health, the distribution or even the company. An example of this last is the dog robot Aibo of Sony (that besides it renewed in this edition) or Lovot, of the Japanese company Groove X.

With regard to the advances in the sector of the transport, eleven manufacturers of vehicles presented this year different products (generally improving the connectivity of the cars and his security) since from does several years in this fair also stand out the cars connected.

In the case of this edition stood out the first aerial taxi of Bell Helicopter among others. What a lot of assistants asked, in this case, is when will arrive the first vehicle 100% autonomous, that according to some forecasts will be in 2030 roughly.

What yes know is that the international fair CES already has confirmed his following edition: it will be of the 7 to 10 January 2020.