What is the CES? What you need to know of the main fair of electronics of the world


This month has taken place the new edition of the CES (Consumer Electronics Show), the international fair of technology that celebrates in Las Vegas (U.S).

In this fair, owners of companies of technologies of consumption gather to present and put in common the last tendencies and innovations in electronics and technology, in addition to debating on subjects related and of importance in the sector.

Although CES is devoted to the consumer of electronics, combines by the same to entrepreneurs that are beginning, to small and big employers, inviting them to the dialogue to be able to create a better future.

Panelists discuss the 4th Industrial Revolution, as 5G opens up a new world of opportunity for nearly every technology marketplace during the New Frontiers in Mobile keynote. (vía https://www.ces.tech)

During the three days that lasts the congress, employers and consumers of technology of all the world gather in Las Vegas (USA) to know all the novelties of the sector. This fair spends celebrating from 1967, and in her have announced inventions like the recorder of video VHS, the CD, the television in tall definition, the Blu-Ray or the recent printers 3D.

This fair, that is organised and produced by the Association of Technology of the Consumer (CTA), attracts to the big employers of the technological world but also to youngsters entrepreneurs and pioneers, that coexist during three days knowing all the novelties of this sector, that is in continuous evolution and change.

In the stands of CES there is more than 4,500 companies exhibiting, including manufacturers, developers and providers of hardware of technology of the consumer, content, systems of delivery of the technology… Account besides with a program of conferences with more than 250 different sessions and more than 180.000 assistants of 150 countries.

These are the categories that form part of the fair CES:

  • 3D Printing
  • Accessibility
  • Advertising, Marketing, Content and Entertainment
  • AR/VR and Gaming
  • Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
  • Audio and Video
  • Baby Tech
  • CES Sports Zone
  • Country Pavilions
  • Design & Source Showcase
  • Digital Money
  • Drones
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Eureka Park
  • Family and Kids Tech
  • Fitness
  • Health and Wellness
  • High-Tech Retailing
  • Home Cinema
  • IoT Infrastructure
  • iProducts
  • Resilience
  • Self-Driving Technology
  • Sleep Tech
  • Smart Cities
  • Smart Home
  • Sports Tech
  • Tourism
  • Vehicle Technology
  • Wearables
  • Wireless Devices and Services

As we have mentioned before, this fair spends making from 1967. The first CES, in fact, took place in the City of New York in June 1967. Since, thousands of products have been announced in this annual show, including many of the inventions that have transformed our life up to now, as for example:

  • Videocassette Recorder (VCR), 1970
  • Laserdisc Player, 1974
  • Camcorder and Compact Disc Player, 1981
  • Digital Audio Technology, 1990
  • Compact Disc – Interactive, 1991
  • Digital Satellite System (DSS), 1994
  • Digital Versatile Disk (DVD), 1996
  • High Definition Television (HDTV), 1998
  • Hard-disc VCR (PVR), 1999
  • Satellite Radio, 2000
  • Microsoft Xbox and Plasma TV, 2001
  • Home Media Server, 2002
  • Blu-Ray DVD and HDTV PVR, 2003
  • HD Radio, 2004
  • IP TV, 2005
  • Convergence of content and technology, 2007
  • OLED TV, 2008
  • 3D HDTV, 2009
  • Tablets, Netbooks and Android Devices, 2010
  • Connected TV, Smart Appliances, Android Honeycomb, Ford’s Electric Focus, Motorola Atrix, Microsoft Avatar Kinect, 2011
  • Ultrabooks, 3D OLED, Android 4.0 Tablets, 2012
  • Ultra HDTV, Flexible OLED, Driverless Car Technology, 2013
  • 3D Printers, Sensor Technology, Curved UHD, Wearable Technologies, 2014
  • 4K UHD, Virtual Reality, Unmanned Systems, 2015

Fotografía de la primera edición de la feria CES en 1967. 

Although it is no easy to travel to U.S. for this annual and so important date, everyone can follow the event in direct the three days thanks to the CES service of streaming.

In the next post of this blog will speak of how has been this last edition of the CES and which novelties have contributed there in the technological sector.