These gadgets are for the summer: the best wearables for enjoying your free time


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After spending the day paying attention to emails, calls, messages and other notifications, it is normal to want to disconnect when we have a few weeks off from work and routines. However, some wearables and mobile applications may actually be our ideal company on vacation, and even more so this year when so much has changed.

Tools available to everyone

There is no need to buy a new device: the same smartphone which is by our side all day also becomes our ally in the summer period. To rest and relax? You need to silence WhatsApp and Telegram and install new tools.

Apps already exist that inform us of the entrance capacity of the beaches. There are also apps that alert us to the presence of jellyfish in the water, remind us when we need to renew our sunscreen or drink water, choose the best products from the supermarket and suggest recipes based on what we have at home, or even reveal the secrets of heaven and guide us in meditation… There are so many tools that we can hold in the palm of our hand.

And, if we want to go one step further, we can now enter the field of wearables. In this article we present a selection of devices to really get the most out of your summer.

To relieve stings

Bite Helper is a pen-shaped device that relieves the discomfort caused by mosquito bites. It does so without drugs or other chemical substances – only emitting concentrated heat and vibrations to the affected area.

Avoid sun damage

Our mobile can also help protect us from the risks of the sun. Although many applications exist for both Android and iOS, here we will highlight Sunscreenr, an app that is accompanied by a small camera with an ultraviolet filter for your smartphone. Thanks to this device, we can easily see where we have not applied our sunscreen properly or where we need to reapply it after swimming, sweating or lying on our towel.

The Neviano UV Protect swimwear collection is equipped with a sensor that warns wearers to apply cream so as not to burn in the sun. It does so via an app in which the user must first specify their skin type. The application keeps track of the temperature and warns you when you need to apply sunscreen again or even spend some time in the shade.

A necklace that saves lives

The Wuanap smart life-saving collar was born with the aim of preventing drowning at sea. This wearable is suitable for all ages and perfect for any water sport – except scuba diving. If a dangerous situation is detected, the collar begins to inflate automatically. Once inflated, this device ensures that the wearer’s airways are always above the water. In addition, Wuanap broadcasts a GPS signal to nearby health services and other users who also use this device.

Wuanap has a battery that lasts two days and is accompanied by a personalized app with tracking that shows the user’s location, as well as tracking their workouts. It also serves to update the collar’s algorithm and connect with others who use the same app.

It’s time to drink water

All year round, but especially in summer, it is important to drink water and maintain optimal hydration levels. A wide variety of applications and devices exist that remind us when it is time to drink. This is our selection of wearables.

HidrateMe is a bottle that monitors the water we drink and lights up when it is time to drink some more, depending on our height, weight, age, activity level, location, temperature and height above sea level. An app has also been developed that emits reminders and allows us to observe in a simple way how we are approaching our goals.

If you prefer something lighter and more discreet, you may be interested in the Nix sensor, a single-use patch wearable that works independently of other devices or applications. It is especially recommended for athletes or people who need to ensure they maintain optimal hydration levels during the day. To calculate when and how much we should drink, this sensor analyzes our sweat.

And when it comes to bracelets we have the wearable GoBe2. Its strengths? This device continuously monitors our hydration levels and notifies us when to drink; it is capable of automatically calculating calories ingested and consumed; and it also helps us understand our emotions and keep them under control. But that’s not all: it also boasts other functions such as monitoring hours slept, heart rate or steps and distance traveled.

Eat healthily, in summer too

Even on vacation, you should not neglect your diet. In fact, perhaps the summer period is the ideal time to establish new routines and improve our nutritional habits. The wearable BitBite was developed with this objective in mind in 2015, and comes in the form of a headset that monitors our chewing behavior and analyzes our way of eating and drinking. Connected to our mobile via Bluetooth, the BitBite app offers us basic information about our diet and data to improve it.

Take it easy

Last but not least, we dedicate some time to our well-being with applications such as Spire or Muse.

Spire is a small device that can be attached to the waistband, underwear or bra, to keep it in contact with the skin. Its sensors allow us to better understand how we sleep, or when we experience episodes of tension and how to prevent them, among other uses. It does this by monitoring our breathing patterns. Thanks to this wearable and its corresponding app we will also receive recommendations and tips for living more peacefully and stress-free.

Muse, on the other hand, is a headset that will provide us with an improved meditation experience thanks to technology. Muse connects to your mobile via Bluetooth. Once the two devices are paired, just start the Meditation Muse app, close your eyes, and listen. In the app, you can review the results of these meditation sessions and track your progress.