Fairs and events on wearables

We already know the most important features and the main applications of wearables, now is the time to know where you can find the latest news.

The main actors of the sector meet every year in the different fairs and events that take place all over the world, to share their ideas on how portable technology should benefit and change our way of life.

The different conferences allow the next launches, last develop and explore new market opportunities, that is, it is essential to keep abreast of what happens in each of them. That’s why we bring you our guide to the main events related to wearable technology:

Dates 2018: 26 feb – 1 mar

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Why: it is the largest convention for the mobile industry. The annual conference guides 200,000 attendees through the mobile technology event of the year. The content includes the future of mobile technological developments and next-generation services and strategies.

Dates 2018: 8-11 January

Location: Las Vegas, USA

Why: brings together more than 170,000 industry professionals from more than 150 countries for a week of learning and working in red. It has 15 conference tracks on a variety of topics that run for five days. CES is distributed in 11 locations in the Las Vegas strip with more than 2.5 million square feet of exhibition space.

Dates 2018: 13-14 March

Location: Londres, UK

Why: it is the number one conference in Europe on portable devices and IOT. More than 150 speakers attend on innovations in wearables, augmented reality, virtual reality, smart devices and IOT. In addition, technology, applications, commercial commercialism and device reviews are discussed

Dates 2018: 31 August – 5 SeptemberResultado de imagen de ifa consumer electronics

Location: Berlin, Germany

Why: The event is an opportunity for companies to show their current and future products. Wearables are one of the central technologies of the event. The actual event opens to the public on September 1, but with a series of press conferences from August 31.

Dates 2018: 16-17 January

Location: Tokio, Japan

Why: From portable devices to IoT, AR / VR technology, the latest materials and components, this event brings together wearables from around the worldo.

Dates 2018: 14-15 November y 28-19 April

Location: Santa Clara, USA y Berlin, Germany

Why: This conference is attended by more than 2,500 two-day guests to explore the main technologies of the year. The exhibitions cover the future of health and fitness, lifestyle and consumer electronics. Discussions will focus on promoting wearable technologies and energy efficiency.

  • Wearable Technologies Conference USA y EU

Dates 2018: 11-12 July, 30-31 January, 29-30 August, 13-14 September, 12-15 November

Location: San Francisco (USA), Munich (Germany), Singapore, Dusseldorf (Germany), y Sydney (Australia)

Why: in this conference the focus is on “what comes next” and what to expect, to have a preview of what awaits the industry in general through industry experts, players and academics alike.

Dates 2018: April, May, June, August, September, October, November

Location: SEA, New York, Toronto, Houston, Los Angeles, Chicago, Sydney, London, Singapore, Dubai, Johannesburg

Why: it brings together developers, brands, vendors, technology providers, designers and innovators who seek to set the pace in the world of technology. These exhibitions show the next generation of technology and innovation.

Dates 2018: 17-18 de May

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Why: this conference brings together scientific, academics, researchers and leaders on the fields in order to share their experiences and results related to wearables research.

Dates 2018: 10-11 April.

Location: Santa Clara, USA

Why:  WTS is one of the largest shows that covers wearables, smart homes, virtual and augmented reality and IoT. This show offers a wide selection of industry and a sample of the latest technology.

Dates 2018: 11-13 junio

Location: Boston, USA

Why: Since 2004, WEAR conferences have demonstrated a comprehensive view of the wearables industry. JOIN an Adidas for a special segment on Women in Wearables. The exhibitions include wearables, smart fabrics and business strategy.