IoT Solutions World Congress 2018


Conclusions of the IOT SOLUTIONS WORLD CONGRESS 2018

The past days 16, 17 and 18 October took place a new edition of the international congress IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona.

The IoT Solutions World Congress is the biggest event of IoT (Internet of Things) of the world to inspire us with new ideas, solutions and people interested in this world. This congress joins providers with industry to help the production and innovation of this technology. But, before talking about this last edition of the IoT Solutions World Congress, We have to explain what is IoT.

IoT (Internet of Things) can define like “the consolidation through the net of nets of a “net” that lodged a big crowd of objects or devices”, that is to say, can have connected to this net all the possible things, from clocks, appliances, vehicles and even clothes. What pretends with this technology is to do easier, sure and comfortable the life of the people.

During the three days of the last edition of the IoT Solutions World Congress celebrated in October of 2018, some 14.000 assistants of 90 countries knew at first hand the possible applications of the IoT and his convergence with the artificial intelligence and blockchain to transform the industry. During the congress, experts of all the world debated on the last tendencies in artificial intelligence, analytical of data and cognitive computation in this event that organises beside Fira of Barcelona.

For this new edition, the organisation established nine subjects on which turned the more than 125 sessions in his congress, like the transport connected, the manufacture of sakes, the sanitary assistance, the energy and the supplies, the construction and infrastructures and the artificial intelligence among others. The most significant novelty of this year was the AI & Cognitive Systems Forum, that put the focus in all the profits that the artificial intelligence contributes and can contribute to the IoT to the hour to analyse and process data.

The event showed new applications where stood out, among several, “the cellar connected, developed by Vodafone and Bodegas Emilio Moro, that through a platform Narrowband IoT, sensors in field, Big Data and satelital technology allows increase the performance of the cellar and minimise the environmental impact of the production of wine.”

It showed several examples, among them an intelligent platform to control the quality of the water in Alaska and save whales; a solution of impression 3D to analyse the foot of the client in real time and design and produce inside tend it shoes to measure in a pair of hours and a truck of firemen entirely connected and sensorized.

With this video the team of Iot Solutions World Congress sacked until the next edition of this congress, that already has date: It will be the days 29, 30 and 31 October 2019. We’ll be there!