The bed of your dreams

An intelligent bed that responds to posture changes during sleep and obeys all your  commands.

Everyone knows how important sleep is to our health, but sometimes the hectic pace of the workaday makes it impossible. Who has not gone to bed exhausted and not being able to sleep? And then the party begins, we toss and turn in bed trying to find our position, trying not to think about those things that disturb us, and we go back to give another and another turn.

According to the Spanish Society of Neurology, almost 30% of the Spanish population suffers from some form of sleep disturbance, most of them from insomnia.

It can lead to psychological alterations, limitations of our cognitive ability, obesity and diabetes problems, irritability and physical weakness, among others.

To prevent all these problems and improve our physical, mental and emotional health, experts recommend following a sleep routine, because it is not enough to lie in bed. 

Going to bed, a whole ritual

How do you think our minds and brains react if we ask them to relax into a deep sleep after a long day of productivity? We must prepare body and mind, if we really want to get a good rest. Going to bed is quite a ritual.

Paradoxically, sometimes we are so exhausted from the whole day that we just go to bed; no ritual, no sleep routine. But what if I tell you that you can perform this ritual from your own bed?

The bed of your dreams

Chinese high-tech giant Xiaomi presented  its smart bed during 2019, 8H Milan Smart Electric Bed Pro; developed by its subsidiary Chengdu Fun Sleep Technology Co, Ltd; it is the second generation of smart beds from the company.

The main characteristic of this sleep wearable is the capacity of the user to control the bed by his smartphone or his voice. The device allows movement of the top and bottom, so you can adjust it to your liking, and includes five preset modes:

  1. TV mode: raise the backrest 45º and the part of the legs 15º.
  2. Reading mode: raise the backrest 30º.
  3. Zero gravity mode: raise the backrest 15º and the legs 40º (to improve blood circulation).
  4. Anti-snoring mode: adapt the mattress position intelligently so that you sleep in silence.
  5. Flat mode

One of the novelties of this smart bed is the incorporation of a Wi-Fi network and a microphone to control the device (such as the Fire TV Stick 4K from Amazon) through voice.

To get the most out of it, it is as simple as downloading the Xiaomi Mi Home application on your phone. In addition, the wearable allows you to program position changes at specific times of use. Likewise, the mattress has sensors that allow monitoring of daily rest; Through the application the user receives advice on how to improve his rest.

The surface of the Xiaomi Smart Electric Bed is fully covered with eighth-generation Litchi technology and is also equipped with dual-zone lifting. The bed base is made with carbon fiber  with alloy made of steel capable, according to the company, of supporting a weight of up to 1000 kg. Xiaomi claims that this bed has a lifetime of 10 years.