Polarised glasses that could save your life


This wearable will protect your eyes from solar radiation, thereby avoiding cancer and other sight-related disease.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), three million people go blind each year due to excessive solar radiation. These over-exposures may be the cause of conditions such as cataracts, according to the American Optometric Association (AOA). Sun exposure can also produce degenerative changes in the cornea, this being the first lens that light hits when it penetrates the eyeball. The most common disease is Pterygium and, in order to prevent this, the best solution is protection from solar rays by using sunglasses.

Among these options, you will find polarised glasses whose speciality is to reduce the reflection of light in water, sand or snow. When sunlight reflects on these surfaces, it not only causes glare, but also distorts colour and the true shape of objects, making it more difficult to distinguish things. That is why using them is the best solution. But what is better than a pair of glasses for protection from the sun? Polarised sunglasses, and intelligent ones at that!


The well-known Razer brand, whose products are associated with gamers, has expanded its range of intelligent devices and has developed some smart or intelligent glasses.

The new wearable is not a set of virtual reality glasses, but polarised glasses with a blue light filter which protects the eyes. They also have a in-built speaker.


The speaker is hidden in the frame of the glasses and, by connecting it to your smartphone via Bluetooth, you can listen to music, among many other functions. The device is compatible with iOS and Android.

Furthermore, the wearbale is open-ear, which means that it doesn’t isolate the ear from external sounds, which helps to prevent accidents, particularly when driving, riding a bike or when walking. Equally, its Bluetooth connection has a low latency of 60 ms (a leader in the sector), offering a fluid sound without cutting out, which enables you to enjoy it fully without interruptions caused by delays or jumps in the audio.

To make phone calls or to record sound, the frame also contains a discrete omnidirectional microphone which provides a hands-free option of maximum quality, as it is so close to the mouth.

The glasses have a normal appearance and there are currently two different designs available: the rectangular model and the round model, each come in two sizes. The lenses are long-lasting and flexible, and the can be folded and stored easily.


The controls in the music options include record, pause, jump or back to the previous track. In the calls options, the glasses allow you to reply, reject, change or end calls. And in general, to increase the volume and power, activate the game mode and the smartphone virtual assistant. The wearable is also compatible with the voice assistant on your mobile device. All is made possible through a touch interface on the glasses without the need to take out your phone.

The battery life of the glasses is 5 hours and, when they are folded and not in use, they turn off automatically, thereby preserving the battery life. The charger is included in the purchase.

Lastly, due to their IPX4 certification, it is worth noting that the Razer Anzu is designed to be waterproof, so they are not affected by perspiration and will continue to work perfectly, even in bad weather or the odd unexpected shower.


There are many wearables to protect you from the sun, such as the Neviano UV Protect swimwear collection, whose sensor remembers the need to put on sun cream.