The non-reusable masks are not the future, the intelligent ones are


The health crisis has brought the standardized use of masks; in fact, they have become a fundamental piece in the fight to control the pandemic. They are our protective shield against the invisible threat of the virus, but which ones are really safe? How can we differentiate them from those which are not? The dilemma arises. While society struggles between disposable masks, reusable masks and cloth masks; the technology company LG is working on a model of a smart mask, and of course reusable, that solves this dilemma once and for all. The LG PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier is not yet approved for its specific use for COVID-19, and for now, its main function is to clean and purify the air (which is not a small thing).

With only two interchangeable H13 HEPA filters, two fans and a 820 mAh battery, this portable device purifies the air that enters and leaves our nose and mouth. The fans are regulated automatically, adjusting the ventilation performance to the user’s breathing rate; very useful for those people who perform work or physical activities.

As for the battery life, according to tests carried out by the company, it is stated that it can be used up to eight hours with the fans in low performance mode and two hours at its highest intensity. The truth is that the mask does not lack detail, the residual germs that remain from the filtering activity are eliminated using ultraviolet LEDs. The cleaning process will be activated while the mask is stored inside its case.

The particularities of this mask of the future do not end here, thanks to its technological system, when the filters begin to reduce performance, the user will be notified through the LG ThinQ application; currently available for Android and iOS.

Unsurprisingly, the LG PuriCare has other competitors. The technological Xiaomi has also launched its own version of the smart mask, although this one, like the LG model, is not approved to protect us from COVD-19. In this case, the Youpin Q5S Electric Anti Haze Sterilizing Mask, is mainly designed to filter the particles of pollution such as formaldehyde or other elements that are harmful to health such as dust or tobacco smoke.