Smart clothing for the third age

Xenoma launches the perfect wearable to look after older people’s health

In 2020, Spain registered a record high in terms of ageing, of 125.7%. What does this mean? That we find 125 people over the age of 64 for every 100 people aged under 16, according to data from the Spanish National Institute of Statistics, who state that this is an unstoppable trend.

In fact, according to population projections from the UN, “in 2050, in Spain, there will be 78 people over the age of 65 for every 100 of working age,” in other words, for every 100 people that are aged between 20 and 64.


The relationship with technology of this core adult population is the result of a huge adaptation process. It is important to bear in mind that we are talking about people who grew up with the radio being one of the few technological communication devices and, nowadays, the majority use a smartphone on a daily basis. This group are known as digital immigrants, which differentiates them from subsequent generations, digital natives, because of the time at which technology emerged in their life. They have witnessed the beginnings and the subsequent years of society’s digitalization process, always adapting to each new innovation.

Although this process has been a challenge, the use of new technologies by older people has many benefits for them, as well as for their families. The main advantage is the possibility of continued contact with their loved ones, something which was more than proved during the months of lockdown, where technological devices became powerful allies against loneliness. Being older does not mean you have to stop enjoying the advantages of digitalization. In fact, it is the responsibility of the whole of society to facilitate access to these devices.

“64% of Spanish pensioners over the age of 70 need an application that reduces the digital gap and helps them to facilitate communication with their families” Data collected by the study ‘Habits in the use of mobiles in families (January 2021).

Technology for all ages

In addition to facilitating contact and communication with the elderly, the technology market offers endless solutions to improve our everyday lives. Being older does not mean you cannot benefit from digitalization.

The wearables sector is proof of this, we can find numerous examples of useful technology for the older age group. From a t-shirt to detect heart attacks, the gadget to reduce diabetes, the speaker that detects signs of a heart attack, the selfie that helps you to control blood pressure, the device that enables you to find out your metabolism with just one breath; to electronic pillboxes, the monitor to detect arrhythmia or the device that combats chronic constipation or the telecare service from Caser which is approved by the  Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

These are just some of the examples from a wide range of technological solutions that both the young and old can already enjoy; but if we had to choose the perfect wearable for the elderly, without a doubt, it would have to be the smart clothing from Xenoma.

A comfortable and comprehensive wearable to keep health problems at bay

We know that, at a certain age, drips start to emerge and health check-ups become more common and exhaustive. As always, technology is here to make things a little bit easier.

The Japanese company, Xenoma, has launched the e-skin Sleep & Lounge Collection of smart clothing. This is the perfect portable device for older people that want to have daily information about the status of their health without having to do anything at all. It is as simple as putting on a tracksuit, house clothing or pajamas.

Discover the state of your health without leaving home

Xenoma smart clothing boasts multiple features that enable you to monitor your daily sleep levels, heart rate, breathing and vital signs while you sleep, rest or perform any day-to-day activity. All the data will be accessible on your smartphone. In addition, these garments detect when physical activity levels are too low and provide useful tips to combat sedentism.



This wearable is the ideal portable device for older people since, in addition to the health monitoring service, it also features a sensor capable of detecting whether they have suffered a fall. The garment notifies family of the incident and, with this, the user does not need to make a huge effort to call for help.

The clothing incorporates the Sleep & Lounge Hub, a small device with a battery life of 72 hours. This connects to the e-Skin app which is available for Android and iOS.

Connected to your home

All of the products from the collection feature temperature controls of the home, adapting to the ideal temperature for your body while you sleep.