DRAXIDES is focusing its efforts on the 2 channels it considers most viable for a solid and massive distribution of the products marketed: large distribution areas and marketing through online platforms. These 2 channels allow you to focus marketing efforts through highly targeted marketing, which DRAXIDES already controls very well.

We bet on the great distribution based on the relationships we have been knitting for many years and on the exhaustive knowledge of its operation and its sales capacity. Access to this channel allows us to place products intensively at a single time and give them an optimal and massive exposure among the public of great consumption. We are currently in negotiations to achieve optimal conditions and spaces within its centers with which to give the product the best visibility and purchase option.

In the online channel we treasure extensive experience in the commercialization through the different websites of distribution of consumer products, mainly through dropship agreements; This allows us an absolute control of the distribution both in the sale and in the return of the product using our optimized methods for it. In addition, we act in our own name regarding the end customer, fundamental in our business philosophy, because we put ahead the transparency and honesty of DRAXIDES throughout the commercial process.

We are therefore able to work with most of the online trading platforms from the technical, logistics and customer service point of view.