DRAXIDES staff has accumulated long experience in logistics management both locally and internationally. We have specialized staff both in the management of international ‘inbounds’ and ‘outbounds’ in all channels: retail distribution, wholesale and online. This allows us to optimally treat the products to be marketed throughout the supply chain.

Discover our capabilities and networks

We are able to receive the product anywhere in the world and take care of its transport to our logistics centers in the fastest and economically most efficient way, which guarantees a very tight landed cost and a short transport times. We have specialists in customs operations of import and export which determines that the qualification and categorization of the goods are always accurate and the tariffs and taxes paid, the most efficient. All this allows us to operate with controlled and clean margins that result in very competitive marketing prices.

Global Transport

Within our exhaustive control of costs we locate our logistic warehouses in the most peripheral crowns, always next to the best and fastest ways of communication, which allows us to have the most modern centers at very measured costs.

We are aware of the importance and the constant and exponential growth of the online channel, so we emphasize the capacity of these centers to resolve this type of demand, and that is specified in very competitive handling and transport prices and a minimum response time, both in the expedition of the product and its returns. So that we can close the entire business cycle with the maximum satisfaction for the final customer.