At Draxides we optimize the 360º marketing of each product in each market, via B2C and B2B2C (marketplaces). We take care of the analysis of online markets, competition benchmarking and discovery of niches and microniches (blue ocean)  as well as the necessary SEO tasks, social media marketing, online advertising, asset management in online stores, price monitoring and online presence of the product and its competition, translation and copywriting for E-commerce.

For all this we have a first-class technological arsenal, developing R & D in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Valencia (research group Trademetrics) and the  Pompeu Fabra University (research group DigiDoc), experts in the treatment of web information using the most advanced techniques in cybermetrics and webmetrics to improve search engine positioning (SEO actions) and to obtain evidence of both a quantitative and qualitative nature about the presence and visibility of the brand on the Web. The result of this collaboration is Trademetrics’2016, from which we work with information from data providers such as Majestic, Sistrix or SEMrush.

We investigate and innovate in different key aspects of online marketing: we apply technologies such as social network analysis, multivariate statistics, text mining and machine learning to the study of transactional keyword hunting, discovery of semantic entities valued by the Google Knowledge Graph, hub location and hot link- to-link building, analysis of product and brand names in marketing influencers and competitive price intelligence, and the design of predictive models to profile future trends.

In a word
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