If you play soccer, this is your wearable

The smart shoe insoles to help you move to the next level

The use of portable devices during sports is not something new; In fact, the use of wearables applied to the monitoring of physical performance and, above all, the state of our body, has given way to a new scenario where health and technology meet. And we are not only referring to the already classic smart watches and bracelets; eHealth offers innovations for all kinds of conflicts and problems. From smart canes for the blind, psychological therapies with virtual reality, smart rings, heart monitors, socks, jackets and swimsuits, caps, breast pumps, tattoos and the latest in the fight against COVID-19, smart masks and devices to respect social distancing.
The market research and technology analysis company, Yole Développement, has carried out an investigation to understand what steps are being taken in the eHealth sector; focusing, above all, on the future prediction of the role of wearables in the field of health. Jérôme Mouly, senior analyst and developer trading the company, offers an overview of the results obtained as a result of this study:

“Two main applications are the reason, namely fitness and health. If athletes quickly adopted connected bracelets to track their performance, health applications quickly took over with a wider public using smartwatches as well as earbuds, the latter showing great interest. This success is explained by the need for quantified self, allowing people to monitor their health parameters in a preventive approach against the continued prevalence of chronic diseases and driven by a transformation of health systems to fight against cost pressure. (…) Developments of biosensor platforms integrated into wearables are now achieving medical grade performance and are integrated into smartwatches, as well as more recently into earbuds. But in this battle, consumer wearables offer affordable system prices and larger volume manufacturing opportunities that could benefit to large-scale clinical studies with mass data generation”.

The latest in eHealth to monitor your training

Adidas GMR

Yes, there is life beyond smart watches and bracelets; invisible devices break through. Recently, Adidas has launched the ultimate wearable for those who play soccer and want to monitor their workouts with nothing but clothes and sport shoes: GMR smart insoles.

This new device has been created by the sports company together with Google, who provides its Jacquard technology (already present in Levi’s smart jackets) and Electronic Arts (EA), through which the user connects to the FIFA Mobile game, providing added value and expanding the functionalities of the squads.

The GMR Tag, inserted at the bottom of the template, allows you to measure the power of the shots, the distance traveled, the speed and the number of passes made. Through the GMR application, you can view the results and access data and tips to improve your technique. These insoles have a light design and are adaptable to any sports or boot.
Positive statistics allow you to unlock and access digital rewards, face weekly challenges, compete with other users, as well as improve your EA SPORTS FIFA Mobile score.