Smartglasses, one more tool in the operating room

The exponential growth of portable technology and the development of smart devices offers an infinite range of possibilities and innovative opportunities for improvement in practically all areas of our lives.

One of its main expansion scenarios is in the field of health, since thanks to their immense versatility, portable devices can be used for prevention, diagnosis, treatment and patient follow-up. Their applications range from therapies and psychological treatments to the monitoring of aspects that determine the state of the immune system and disease prevention mechanisms, as has been the case in the current pandemic.

The latest in e-health comes with the use of portable technology in the medicine sector, and, more specifically, with the use of smartglasses in the operating room.

Vuzix smart glasses

The Vuzix company, specialized in Augmented Reality technology, has developed a special model of smart glasses for healthcare professionals. Starting from the premise that collaboration can save lives, this wearable takes medicine to the next level: telemedicine.

The doctor or physician will be able to receive and transmit information, in real time and without interrupting manual attention to the patient during the surgical intervention. In the same way and without taking their eyes off the patient, the professional can have access to all the information about the person they are treating (vital signs, medical history, etc.), as well as consult medical libraries, books and databases.

Likewise, thanks to these smartglasses, professionals can remotely share their operations with other colleagues and students, via the optical recording camera.