If someone asks us about the formula for happiness, we probably won’t have a clear answer. Maybe there is no formula, or maybe there is; what does exist is the scientific evidence that determines what is beneficial for our well-being and what is not. Health experts recommend eating healthy, sleeping well, and exercising daily; three habits that, although they are not exactly the formula for happiness, bring us closer to it, helping us to manage our energy and achieve a feeling of well-being. Does it sound easy? Well, nothing is further from the truth. The frenetic pace of today’s society, poor diet, lack of time, excess worry, anxiety and stress join us in our busy days.

Perhaps we do not have too much time or want to go to training, in the same way that we eat what we are able to buy with a quick visit to the supermarket; And from time to time, let’s not deny it, we indulge ourselves. However, sleep is essentiall to be able to face the demands of day to day with energy. Not getting adequate rest leads to serious mental, physical and emotional health problems. Before the arrival of COVID-19, the World Association of Sleep Medicine (WASM) decreed that “sleep problems constitute a global epidemic that threatens the health and quality of life of more than 45% of the world’s population ”.

Falling into a deep sleep is not an easy task, especially when our head wanders between worries, stress and has 60,000 thoughts processed daily. But let’s not despair so quickly, faced with the difficulty of falling asleep in the privacy of our room and our thoughts, we are not alone. Once again, technology comes to offer us promising solutions that will help us achieve that desired deep rest.

Recommending earplugs to someone who wants to avoid their noisy neighbors, muffle their partner’s snoring, or simply isolate themselves from the outside world is not a novelty. But yes, in addition to serving all these situations, they help you relax and leave your mind blank; And not only that, they also help you to know what your rest is like and how you can improve it. Forget about rubber and silicone plugs, smart earplugs are your new travel companions to a sweet and pleasant break.

Below we offer you a ranking with the three best wearables specially designed to help you fall asleep.


This small device features the latest technology for active noise cancellation and acoustic noise attenuation, it is also capable of blocking low frequency noises that cannot be neutralized by traditional foam earplugs. Its ergonomic design adapts perfectly to the ear avoiding causing any injury, even for those who sleep on their side.

These smart earplugs come with a built-in microphone that samples the sounds, which are analyzed by the device and depending on the type they are, it generates a specific one capable of neutralizing it through Active Noise Control (ANC), Active Noise Cancellation and Reduction (ANR). According to the brand itself, this is the smallest active noise cancellation device on the market.


“A personalized relaxation experience”. This helmet-shaped wearable has been designed specifically for one function: to help you sleep. Made of silicone, this portable device adapts to the shape of your head to generate the greatest comfort during your rest; the earmuff covers can be removed and washed. These helmets have an active noise cancellation system and passive isolation through white noise. In addition, it has artificial intelligence which makes the device learn, over time and autonomously, which type of audio track is the most appropriate according to the user’s status.


The wearable for the ear that combines the highest quality audio, the latest in wearable technology, voice control and much more. According to the manufacturer, it is not only used to sleep but its uses extend to practicing sports, listening to music, working, studying and connecting with people. In addition to active noise cancellation, this device is waterproof and has a vibration system that encourages relaxation.

Activating the “Sleep Mode” is as simple as ordering it – thanks to having Alexa, Google and Siri voice recognition technology; With this command your musical vibration system will be activated by stimulating the vagus nerve and the parasympathetic nervous system.