A wearable to stay cool during the summer

The first portable air conditioner

Holidays, longer days, light clothing, bathing on the beach, get-togethers and weekends away… Summer has many good things, but we all agree that the sweltering heat and resulting sweat are not one of them. Especially if you have to go to work or an important appointment, or move around from one place to another under a hot sun. How much better would summer be if we didn’t have to deal with this problem! As they say, be careful what you wish for because it can come true.

Reon Pocket, the portable air conditioner

Once again, wearable technology brings us its best inventions aimed at making our lives a little easier. The Japanese technology giant Sony releases the first portable air conditioner.

It is a wearable to be positioned on the neck of a shirt, allowing us to control and regulate our body temperature via our mobiles. To use this device, we will need to use a shirt especially designed for it, although it is a basic model that can be worn on any occasion. After putting on the shirt, we put the device in the pocket that we will find at the top. It will then connect automatically with our mobile so that we can adjust the amount of cooling or heating that we want. Although for optimal results the ideal is to wear the device on the shirt, it can be used with other garments to refresh or warm any part of the body.

But as if that were not enough, the Reon Pocket changes the temperature emitted automatically via a series of sensors that detect the wearer’s movements, adjusting the temperature according to their activity.

Initially, this wearable was created in order to help people participating in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games; but nowadays it can be bought in official Sony stores in Japan and some other distributors like Amazon.