All the efforts are just small steps when it comes to dealing with the most famous and medial virus of the 21st century. The one who has forced us to shut ourselves down at home, stop our production system, cut our economy and feel as if we were protagonists of a science fiction dystopia. COVID-19 is the virus of our century, not only because of its rapid spread around the planet; but also for the wide and diverse use of technology as one of the most effective allies for their arrest. Drones, robots, 5G connection and of course, wearables are some of the technological tools that join humans in this battle.

The control of the virus and its spread implies exhaustive monitoring of the population, with the aim of detecting possible cases of infection and acting as quickly as possible. However, in a hyperconnected and constantly moving society, it is difficult to establish population control mechanisms that help to identify the symptoms of possible infections. It is difficult but not impossible.

A smart helmet, manufactured by the technology company Kuang-Chi Technologies, is capable of taking the temperature of more than 200 people in less than a minute within a radius of five meters. This portable device is used by the police in Chengdu (Sichuan), under the express authorization of the Chinese Government. This is made from metamaterials designed by the Chinese Institute of Science and Technology.

On the other hand, discipline is another of the key factors to face the COVID-19. Discipline when following the guidelines established by the health authorities such as washing hands with soap, using disposable tissues, avoiding touching your face and, of course, staying at home. Obeying these guidelines is not always easy, as they involve a change in our daily habits, many of them spontaneously and unconsciously. Touching the eyes, nose and mouth is a habitual gesture and in principle harmless, but in these circumstances it can be the beginning of the infection. Being aware and avoiding the contact of our hands with the face is essential to avoid contagion.

The Slightly Robot company has manufactured Immutouch, a smart bracelet that alerts the user every time they make the gesture of touching their faces. According to the company, people usually touch their faces an average of 23 times an hour, this is an act that is performed spontaneously and unconsciously. This wearable works autonomously, has a 24-hour battery life and uses motion sensors to detect when the user is about to touch his face. The conscious modification of this habit also helps to prevent cold and flu infections.