Wearables and social distancing (part 2): the Top4 for preventing Covid19 infections at work

The ranking of the best portable devices to maintain social distancing in workspaces

In the de-escalation phase, many companies are preparing to return, little by little, to normal production. It is thus not only necessary to adapt the workplace, but also to equip your employees with the appropriate tools for preventing possible outbreaks and Covid-19 infections. Once again, wearable technology is presented as one of the best allies in the short, medium and long term, in addition to providing other benefits for companies in terms of organization and better work time management.

Samsung GearUP

One of the leading brands in smart watches launches an app to help maintain a safe distance. Taking advantage of the wearable technology developed for smartwatches, Samsung has developed the GearUP application, designed to help employees maintain social distancing measures, as well as improve productivity levels. This application offers a personalized protection system using real-time location and communication options. In addition, the heart rate, movement and activity sensors are a good ally in addressing fatigue and stress problems.

In addition to helping maintain physical distance, this application offers safety features such as monitoring workers, controlling efficiency in the management of different tasks and tracking personnel in the event of fire or emergency.

An all-round solution to preserve employee safety, achieve an efficient work environment and maintain social distancing measures.



The portable device that monitors the health status of workers, in order to detect cases of contagion and thus protect the rest of the staff.

These wearables transmit short-range encrypted wireless signals, which are picked up by other devices. If people are too close, they give off a vibration. On the other hand, if an employee presents any of the symptoms of Covid-19, there is a button that enables them to communicate this status, so that the company can develop a monitoring strategy to protect other people. Through the cross-referencing of data, workers who have been in contact with this person will be immediately notified so that they can take the appropriate isolation and prevention measures. The battery lasts around 1 week and charges in just 40 minutes.

The Estimote offers advantages regarding employee, since data on the interactions is stored anonymously. The list of exposed employees is only generated when any symptoms are reported. In addition, workers can immediately report their health status to speed up isolation and treatment processes. On the other hand, anonymous data helps measure the effectiveness of social distancing behavior in the workplace.


PariRange by EmbedTek

This wearable has been developed by the technology company EmbedTek, specialized in the design and manufacture of integrated computer systems, software, sensors and displays. The PariRange features an ergonomic design capable of adapting to any work accessory such as masks, hard hats, ID cards, and wrist bracelets.

The PariRange features an innovative technology system that allows data sharing between other devices and linked external devices. To do this, it uses a ‘peer-to-peer’ communication network, meaning it does not need a WiFi network or a smartphone to function. In addition, it preserves personal privacy, since it does not track location, movements or productivity; it only activates tracking when it comes into contact with another device via access to its distance perimeter. Another advantage is that it does not require any type of infrastructure in order to collect information, and can therefore be used in work environments where there is no Internet connection point, such as agriculture or construction. Furthermore, ‘time-to-fly’ technology – used to accurately estimate the distance between two people – does not depend on the intensity of radio frequency signals, representing a significant improvement over Bluetooth alternatives.


This wearable’s operation is as simple as its design, and it is so easy to wear – all you need to do is hang it around your neck on a cord. For some, the rusticity of this device represents an advantage for the worker and the company: it does not connect with other smart devices, which makes it reusable by different people without detriment to their privacy. Other strengths are that it does not require the installation of any software or a preexisting infrastructure; the sensor has 360º sensitivity; the battery lasts for 2 to 3 days; and it can be used both indoors and outdoors. The moment another person gets closer than recommended, the device’s sound and light signals alert both people.